• TekMark Industries Inc. is built on a history of innovation.  Over 44 years in business and thousands of well drilling customers using TekMark casing handling tools have led to  our continuing success. 
  • TekMark's CEO and President, Larry Williams, formed the company, based on patents acquired from a Yakima, Washington Drilling Company.  Larry is a Vietnam Veteran who received his BA and MBA before starting TekMark in 1975.
  • TekMark's first tools were unique to the water well drilling industry and provided a safer and faster method of handling casing pipe installation in open hole situations. 
  • From the beginning TekMark's goal has been to develop innovative solutions to drillers casing and pipe handling problems. The proof of our success is in the many of thousands of customers we have and are serving throughout the water well, exploration, mining, and general contracting sectors.
  • The company has developed into a full line manufacture of specialty casing handling tools and accessories for water, mining, construction, utility and environmental applications.  Products include internal casing elevators, external casing holders, flush joint casing elevators, casing alignment clamps, casing cut-off guides, down the hole casing spears, column pipe holders and elevators.
  • TekMark is your best source for professional, value driven low cost casing handling solutions.
  • TekMark industries is a company with almost 40 years of experience as a leader in the well drilling industry. They have thousands of customers worldwide. Company founder Larry Williams and his staff have been committed to making casing handling and drilling easier and safer since the inception of the company five decades ago. They do business with many of the 8000 companies in the U.S. and have well drilling customers in 71 foreign countries. With a full product line of casing handling tools continued expansion is expected in both the long and short term. With affordably priced solutions, the company is committed to continued customer satisfaction.
  • The diverse and unique product line offered by the company provides solutions to some of the most common casing handling problems in the industry. TekMark Casing Holders and Lifters (Internal Elevators) are a proven solution to fast and safe open hole casing installation. This system allows drillers to eliminate the welding of lugs and the use of cable slings to elevate and install casing. Using a TekMark Lifter (Elevator) to elevate the casing string and a TekMark Casing Holder (Slips) to hold the casing string provides much better casing alignment and faster installation saving considerable rig time. With virtually no direct competition and affordable pricing, it is easy to see why businesses forge long-term relationships with the organization. Casing elevators and slips make the well construction process faster, safer and more efficient. The 35 ton rating of TekMark Lifters and Holders is sufficient for most water well depths. Heavier capacities can be supplied for those very deep installations.
  • The staff is committed to providing the best possible customer experience. This means understanding the drillers problem and providing the most effective and efficient solution.
  • The company manufacturers several tools for down-the-hole (dth) liner installation and for extracting dropped or broken casing or PVC. Once we understand your problem we can recommend the best solution. We also manufacture drop pipe handling tools, casing alignment clamps, flush joint casing elevators and casing cut-off guides.
  • When necessary we can expedite orders to meet customer schedules. Normal delivery is 7 to 10 business days. Delivery can sometimes be accelerated should the customers schedule require a faster response. The company stands behind its products. Please feel free to reply with questions or click on the following links to schedule an appointment.
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Please place orders 
by telephone to:
800-747-2485 or 509-747-2485
email:  tekmarkind@gmail.com